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We are seeking to cast EMMA BORDEN in our production of LIZZIE. Please note the rest of the show is already cast and currently in rehearsals.​

About the Project​

In the dog days of 1892, Lizzie Borden took an ax…and, well, you know the rest. Muckraking journalists made her a bicoastal media sensation overnight. An all-out spectacle, the show’s provocative delivery oozes attitude and simmering tension with a kinetic urgency that hums under the surface. Using a gasoline-soaked rock score, and based on the historical record, LIZZIE explores the strange alchemy leading up to the murders, Lizzie’s controversial acquittal of all charges, and the creation of a new American myth. 

Important Dates

Venue: Broadway Performance Hall (1625 Broadway, Seattle, 98122)

Rehearsals: Schedule TBD (August-September dates)

Tech/Dress Week: September 21-September 26

Performances: September 27, 28 & October 4 & 5 @ 8pm

Strike: October 5 

Show Run Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes with 20 minute intermission 


Required Rehearsal Availability

Monday & Fridays, 6-9pm & Sundays, 1-4pm. Rehearsals are already in process and we are looking for someone to join ASAP.


$150 Stipend


Alto/Mezzo with strong rock belt: F#3-E5 or higher, adeptness with vocal ad libs or runs a huge plus but not a deal breaker. The older sister, eclipsed by the younger. She must content herself by playing a motherly Lady Macbeth to Lizzie, dripping her own hatreds into Lizzie’s ears over the years, stoking the fires of Lizzie’s rage, disappearing when the deeds must be done, and suffering with guilt afterwards. Emma is a woman who has come to see that every opportunity for happiness has passed her by. She's furious, but she's also desperately sad.

Required Qualifications 

We are looking for someone who can learn music quickly and efficiently as we are approaching the end of our music rehearsals and heading into blocking rehearsals. Ability to read music is preferred but not a requirement if you have your own well-defined learning process. We can provide sheet music, individual tracks with recorded vocal parts, and other resources to help facilitate learning. This is a highly collaborative and supportive team environment. 

P.V.P's Vision

We are really interested in how we can make an exploitation cinema/revenge flick inspired opera that speaks to the creators' original vision. Simultaneously pulpy and high art. Controlled and uncontrolled. 


Being that most of Lizzie Borden’s story is based on legend, rumors, whispers immortalized in the children’s rhythm “Lizze Borden took an axe…”, we want to create a mythology or fairy tale-esque dreamscape version of history that rejects realism/literalism in its retelling (read: this is not a historical docu-drama or ordinary period piece) and embraces simulacrum.


See link for P.V.P's vision statement and mood board:

Submission Instructions 

Please send resumes, headshot, and performance clips to

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